The Crystal Maze is Back! (Kind Of)

Does anyone else have happy memories of a quiz show hosted by the lovely Richard O’Brien, resplendent in drainpipe trousers and leopardskin jacket, where he ushered a team through a variety of zones to undergo challenges only slightly less terrifying than the Krypton Factor? If so, then you’ll be as delighted as I was to see this story in the Evening Standard:

I can’t wait. I’m already trying to work out who I will have on my team and whether or not we get to meet Mumsey if we go through the Medieval Zone. It opens too late for my birthday, but if we time it right I’m fairly sure we can use it as an excuse for someone else’s birthday… their present from me that I will enjoy more than they will. Sounds fair to me. I just hope that the person guiding us through the Maze is more Richard O’Brien than Eddie Tenpole (although he is himself a fine figure of an anarchic man) and I don’t get the urge to lock him in one of the challenges.


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