We Have A New Planet!

Some time ago, I read a series of books by a chap called Zecharia Sitchin – now no longer with us, sadly, because I expect he’d be very excited right now – which claimed that the ancient Babylonian gods were really aliens from a planet in an erratic orbit that took thousands of years and spent most of its time outside the Kuiper Belt (the extreme edge of the Solar System). Having now carried out a number of computer models to explain the strange orbits of some of the dwarf planets and other bodies in that area, such as Pluto, scientists at Caltech have said that this can only be explained by the existence of a large planet with a highly eccentric orbit.
In other words, Sitchin may well have been right on this point. Just as well for us that he named the planet, so we don’t have to spend too much time thinking what to call it; it’s Nibiru, which some people may recognise from Star Trek: Into Darkness.
Of course, the question of whether Sitchin was right about his other theories of the formation of the Solar System are anybody’s guess, but occasionally a little story comes up that makes you think – hang on… His books (of which there are seven main books and a series of companion volumes) are easy to read with plenty of pictures to “support” his hypothesis; however, many archaeologists do take his ideas with a considerable pinch of salt, saying that he has either misread or misunderstood Babylonian cuneiform. Whatever… just remember what he said when Nibiru comes passing in a couple of thousand years’ time.
While I’m on this subject, I would like to state for the record that despite Caltech insisting this is “Planet Nine” – I was always told that Pluto was a planet, it has a moon (it has four, but when I was smaller, we only had Charon to play with), and it had an unusual orbit. A handful of scientists a decade ago decided that it was from then on to be called a dwarf planet – it’s still a planet, just a very small one, it seems. So calling this new discovery “Planet Nine” indicates poor maths, as surely it should be Planet Ten – or, if you prefer Roman numerals, Planet X? And that will lead us to a whole new set of conspiracy theories. Don’t you just love these self-fuelling ideas?


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