Daytime Dramas

One of the things about being home unwell is that I’ve ended up watching quite a bit of daytime telly. On the whole it’s not great but occasionally little gems appear which make me wonder why they are not on prime time television – they really are that good. Why aren’t The Father Brown Mysteries being shown on a Sunday teatime, dear BBC? They’d go well alongside Call The Midwife. Just a thought.

The one that has me absolutely hooked is an Australian period drama called A Place to Call Home. It’s set in early 1950s Sydney and deals with the trials and tribulations of the occupants of a large manor house called Ashe Park, the Bligh family. It’s essentially an over glorified soap opera, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it, even though I sometimes feel like I can see each plot twist coming a mile away. It’s not great but it IS entertaining, and when you’re not feeling 100% you want pretty drama that doesn’t require a PhD. Consequently, A Place to Call Home is ideal.

Actually, it reminded me a lot of The Dr Blake Mysteries – partly because of the small pool of available actors means that you see the same faces in lots of different things – in terms of styling, period and characterisation. Now that’s another show that could do with being shown much later in the day than a weekday lunchtime. Really, BBC, you don’t know how lucky you are with these things.


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