Now We Know Who Killed Jacob Marley!

Well, I have to say, I wasn’t expecting that! A lady? With a rolling pin? I’ve not heard the like in years! At least justice – of a sort – has been done, although I expect Mr Marley’s ghost might have something to say on the subject. Humbug, sir!

Dickensian has been an absolute joy to watch, not only in terms of testing how well I know my Dickens (not as well as I thought, it would seem – a perfect excuse to re-read them) but in producing a lengthy serial which combines murder mystery, costume drama and soap opera. I really do think Dickens would have approved. I also hope there will be another season – it’s not as if there aren’t the characters to choose from! Any chance of Edwin Drood appearing from an opium den and bumping into Martin Chuzzlewit? Miss Peggoty taking Uriah Heep to task? Mr Squeers opening a school for young gentlemen in the hope of educating young Master Copperfield?

The only storyline left to tidy up is the Grand Wedding. If regular soap operas are anything to go by, this will be an Event to be remembered. And if I’ve remembered my Great Expectations correctly, this one will be no exception…


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