Spring has Sprung

It is almost that time of the year when the first spring flowers start to reveal themselves; although the Weather Fairy is doing her best to spoil the display. This morning’s frost was most unwelcome and my poor little yellow crocuses at the bottom of the rowan tree were not happy.

I love spring flowers. All of my favourites appear at this time of the year. Snowdrops, crocuses, mini daffodils, hyacinths and tulips – usually in that order. Tulips are by far my favourites, but I always think they’re such a sad flower as they are the sign for the end of spring and the start of summer, which is not my best time of year. It’s just so lovely to see the colours appear after a good three months of bare branches, wet grass and foul weather. The crocuses seem to have an order to them too, I often see the yellow ones first, then the white, then the mauve, scattered at various points around the base of the tree. I didn’t plant them, and I really should plant some more, they are starting to look a little sorry for themselves after ten years of fighting the ivy.

The magnolias start to bud at this time of year too. I found out recently that there were over 200 species of magnolia, instead of just the one I had merrily assumed. They are a lovely flower, although can be a very large and sprawling shrub if one is not careful, although they do not last long at all and create a dreadful mess when the petals drop. There is an absolutely gorgeous deep pink one in a neighbour’s front garden which blooms about two weeks later than its more traditional cream coloured cousins.

It strikes me as fascinating how, after living in a semi-rural location for only ten years after a lifetime in the city, I have started to notice these things, things I would never have paid attention to before. And I love it. I notice when the birds are starting to nest (the house martins will be under next door’s guttering shortly, I expect); I can tell my jackdaws from my rooks and my rooks from my crows (it’s not difficult once you know); I’m learning to guess the age of a hedge by the different bushes growing in it – and what those bushes are. And I work full time!

There is so much in my immediate vicinity that I just wouldn’t take any notice of if I didn’t make time. So I’m making time. I don’t want to miss the passing of the seasons because there’s a blog on the internet; the blog will probably be there later, the seasons may not be. With the way the climate and the world is changing so rapidly, I want to make the most of it while I can.


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