Some of the later New Zealand essences are very much more spiritual than the initial flower, fern and tree essences; they form a fundamental part of the First Light Medicine Woman programme and as such, it is often a little tricky to see how they can be utilised in daily life. This is one of those essences as it forms part of the Shamanic Essence Collection.

The key word for this essence is council fire. It’s not easy to see what this would mean, until you consider what a Council Fire actually is in Maori culture; this was where the elders would meet and discuss problems, eventually reaching solutions that would benefit the tribe. It was also a court, a tribunal and a place where advice was sought. Consequently, the notes for this essence focus on divine intervention, justice, order and universal law. It has a strong focus on maintaining the balance and doing what is right.

One of the other references in the notes for this essence intrigued me. It simply said “The Knowledge Tree”. The image of the Tree of Knowledge is one that cuts across many cultures and the Maori are no exception; they knew the land, they knew the plants that grew on it and nourished and protected them, and also the plants that would kill. This ancient knowledge was also shared around the Council Fire; it was information that benefitted the tribe as a whole and maintained the balance between the people and the land they occupied.

I feel that there is an entire history lesson in some of these essences; I especially feel it with Hutu. This is an essence for when you want the Universe to advise, rather than intervene, and show the way to restore the true order of things. I suspect I will be using this essence frequently.


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