For reasons best known to myself – and probably due to a distinct lack of tea in recent days – I found myself thinking about starting a second blog. And then promptly changed my mind.

The original plan was that I would start using my Pinterest boards as inspiration for blog posts, and I wasn’t entirely sure that Planet Stef was the right place for them. I’ve had this account on Pinterest since April 2015 and I was surprised to see, when I looked back on them, just how girly some of the pictures I’ve saved are. What changed my mind about the second blog was the fact that Planet Stef looked like it could do with a bit of cheering up, so these boards would be ideal.

Because of the origin of the pictures (i.e. from my Pinterest boards), the question of copyright and acknowledgement arises. So far as I am aware, all of these pictures are in the public domain and I have tried to ensure where possible that I acknowledge the sources (where I know them, which isn’t often I admit). I will naturally acknowledge original artworks and if one goes astray, please do let me know. I would be delighted to correct it and it probably just slipped the net because I’m daft.

I hope some of these posts will interest, amuse and enlighten readers. Certainly they ought to lighten the mood a bit. And now you know the sorts of things that catch my eye on Pinterest!


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