A Piece of Craftsmanship


Much as I like to think I don’t pin very many pictures of antique jewellery onto my boards, my recent review proved that I really don’t have a clue. There’s hundreds of them. This is one of my favourites, it looks very wearable today and highlights the craftsmanship of Victorian jewellers.
Set in platinum, the central stone is a cushion cut diamond – I’m afraid I’ve no idea of the carat weight, but I would estimate that was about five carats – surrounded by channel set baguette cut amethysts. This would be a fiendish piece of jewellery to make; first the amethysts would have to be cut, then colour matched and finally set to ensure that there were no gaps showing through. I did wonder at first if they were pave set, but a closer look corrected that point. The shoulders and gallery are designed as ornate vines, with small brilliant cut amethyst “buds” to highlight the botanic nature.
Now given that this ring would be worn on the middle finger of the average lady, and so would probably be less than an half an inch broad in any direction – that is a phenomenal amount of detail in such a small item. It’s comparable with some of the Japanese netsuke I’ve seen (there may be a few of those coming up later, I’ll see how I feel). More to the point, it’s also very, very beautiful.


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