The Chartreuse Room

chartruse living room

Now I’m all for bold designs and bright colours, but at the risk of sounding like that chap from “Through the Keyhole” – who would live in a place like this? Everything matches everything else, the wallpaper is so bright it’s almost luminous and just looking at this picture for too long gives me a headache. There’s clearly a good reason why this is not a colour combination I would ever choose.

Having said that, I saved it because it was striking and I kept coming back to it. There’s something about this room that I really like, in spite of everything about it. It’s not a wallpaper I could live with, but the contrast with the vivid purple does add something to it. And I’m not sure having everything matching would be something I’d do either – perhaps plain curtains, and mixed plain and patterned upholstery would work better.

One thing does occur to me. If you had a colour scheme that bold, you’d have to make sure that any plants or cut flowers you had in the room matched with everything else. Nothing jars the eye more than mismatched shades and it’s something that you’d notice immediately – and once seen, would irritate intensely until you fixed it. Somehow the room stylist has got this one just right, but I’m prepared to bet that took some effort.

Nothing about this room looks lived in, and I expect it would be a room used very occasionally in nice weather or if the owner wanted to induce a migraine in someone. Either way – would you live in a place like this?


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