A Post-Brexit World

This is how revolutions happen; the populace speak against the ruling elite, who apparently have no plan for the future. The political opposition tears itself apart in petty recriminations. The media fuel popular fears and hate crime against minorities starts to increase. In the good old days, a leader would return from exile with both a plan and a following – this would apply to both Lenin and Castro, and if I remember, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam – but in Britain in late June 2016, this doesn’t appear to be forthcoming. Where have all the leaders got to?

Most occupants of the Palace of Westminster appear to have a plan, but that plan is one of personal power; they all want to be Prime Minister, but they don’t necessarily have the following or a means of creating one. It is clear that there is a mass of politically engaged people (whether or not you agree with them) in a ship that is currently heading towards chaos without any form of steering. Unsurprisingly, people find this prospect rather terrifying and unless you are someone who thrives on chaos – in which case you must be the Joker – this is not something that can be left to continue. The electorate have spoken and it’s time for the politicians to remember what they are doing at Westminster in the first place – time to govern.

The only thing that is certain in this massive amount of uncertainty is that things are going to change, and we need to get ourselves ready for whatever that change may be. Some people may find it an opportune time to carve out their own niches, to put into effect plans that they may have had on indefinite hold because once Brexit happens, whenever that will be, it may be much more difficult. On the other hand, long held plans may now be completely impossible, so plans will have to change. People may be looking at long-standing friends and relatives who took a different stance to them in the referendum and re-evaluating those relationships.

Just hold on a second. It’s worth remembering that what we do now is going to affect us all for generations. A calm, pragmatic outlook is required, one that isn’t motivated by knee-jerk fascism or moribund wittering – and from the looks of things, as a nation we’re not going to be able to rely on our politicians to provide that outlook. So we’re going to have to do it ourselves, and to do that, we’re going to have to look at what is most important – and at the moment, that is finding some form of order in this mess we’ve managed to get ourselves into. How we do that is going to show us who the real leaders of our countries are; but we must remember that we are where we are, we can’t turn the clock back and we really have to sort something out.

These problems are much bigger than the vicious racism I’ve seen on social media the past few days. These problems are revolutionary in their scope and in their impact. And if we want to survive this revolution, we’re going to have to stop finger pointing and start getting to work – because if we don’t, then someone’s going to come along who will and if we don’t like their ideas…. Well, we all know what followed Lenin and Castro, don’t we?


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