Tulip “Queen of the Night”

queen of the night

I’ve nearly finished the Alexander Dumas now, and given that the central plot point of the novel is the creation of an elusive black tulip, it was only a matter of time before this went up.

This, the Queen of the Night, is by far the blackest tulip developed (as far as I know) and is stunning, although it isn’t actually true black. It’s actually a very dark maroon and I am told that it is possible for Queen of the Night to bloom closer to the maroon shade than the black. A truly black tulip remains elusive, although I’ve no idea if any Dutch horticultural societies are still offering cash prizes for its development. Somehow, I doubt it.

There’s a garden in a house near where I live which features Queen of the Night tulips planted with a mix of dahlia, iris and alliums. It’s a good combination and the tulips always catch my eye. I suppose they are as easy to grow as other tulips so perhaps I should try them next year.