twenties fan ring

This is a gorgeous ring. Would you believe it was made in the 1920s? I’m not sure I’ve seen a design quite like this before. It’s a testament to the Art Deco style that it remains so wearable, and looks so modern. The combination of precious and semiprecious stones forms a design that hasn’t dated at all, and I’m really very surprised that other jewellery designers haven’t followed the influence. Who knows, perhaps now I’ll start something.

At the base of the fan is a fairly large brilliant cut diamond – I would guess it is at least a carat in size – with diamonds forming a band across the shoulders. The base stone is surrounded by a strip each of channel set baguette cut emeralds and black onyx, with a row of brilliant cut emeralds forming the top of the fan. All the gems are set into platinum. The whole design sits very neatly on the finger and does look very elegant indeed.

It is a really beautiful ring and I can already imagine it in a variety of other stones and colours combinations. I’m starting to think it’s quite the design icon!


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