Almost The Sky at Night


Imagine for a moment, if you will, that you are on the red carpet; you’ve been nominated for a BAFTA or some such award for your performance in “Glamourpusses R Us”. You’ve spent ages looking for the right dress before deciding on this particular gown by Valentino. The gown sparkles in the spotlights and glints with every movement you make. Wouldn’t you feel simply GORGEOUS if you wore this?

Admittedly, this picture was taken at a recent exhibition of Ralph Lauren gowns, and the dramatic lighting and backdrop really set it off. It’s a sleeveless, slightly shaped shift style, covered from top to bottom in Swarovski crystals, painstakingly set in vertical lines to elongate the shape – and, of course, to sparkle in the light. I am not sure if this gown was designed for a particular person or occasion, but it simply screams red carpet and I’m surprised I’ve not seen it worn at a film premiere or awards ceremony yet.

But that may be because I haven’t been nominated for anything….


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