Turkish Delight

turkish delight

There are a few things in Lush that I consider “favourites”; I’m aware I overuse the word but I’m not sure how else to describe my preferences in each section. I have a favourite shampoo (Daddy-O); a favourite soap (Bohemian); a favourite bubble bar (Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds). When it comes to body lotion, their Turkish Delight wins hands down every time. It’s a relatively new one but smells simply delicious and I will admit happily to feeling a squillion dollars whenever I use it.**

This may be because I love Turkish Delight anyway, although I’m a notorious fusspot when it comes down to it. I grew up with Fry’s Turkish Delight, so covering it in chocolate is absolutely fine by me. I like the original rosewater and the pistachio – if it has pieces of pistachio in it – but not the lemon, the cinnamon or the orange flavours. I’m told there’s a pomegranate one, and I love pomegranates so I’m keen to try it. Anyone know where I can get my hands on it?

Turkish Delight isn’t exclusively Turkish; it’s a popular sweet throughout the Mediterranean and can be found in North Africa, Greece, Cyprus and even Bulgaria. At its most basic, it is a very sweet rosewater jelly covered in icing sugar and served in lumps. The addition of chocolate appears to be a marketing tool in the US and UK, but I confess it is one with which I heartily approve! It’s known as rahat or lokum in most places (or even rahat lokum) but if you’re on the tourist trail, it’s very easy to find and is almost always in the Duty Free. The hardest thing is trying to work out which flavour you want!

In the meantime, I shall happily smother myself in a certain body lotion and try not to eat myself.

** Their Vanilla Custard one is lovely as well, but I’m not sure they’re still making that. If you can find it, swipe it!