The Magic of Red Shoes


There is something special about a pair of red shoes. They stand out from the crowd, regardless of whatever else you’re wearing, and the wearer does need a certain personality to carry them off. Red shoes are not for shrinking violets, which may be why they feature in so many movies!

The two most famous pairs are, of course, Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, and the equally sparkly ballet pointes from The Red Shoes. I’m fairly sure there are more, but these are the two pairs that spring immediately to mind – and the fact that they are the central motifs in their respective movies says everything you need to know about the magic of red shoes.

I don’t actually own any red shoes. In fact, the only shoes I possess that aren’t black (and aren’t my slippers) are a pair of mauve Mary Janes that are now so old they’re drawing a pension. Unsurprisingly for me, I also own a pair in black. Even my flip flops are black. Black shoes go with everything, so they are my first choice. It’s actually never occurred to me to buy a pair of red shoes – apart from when I was contemplating going to a fancy dress party as Dorothy* – so I never have. And this is roughly the point where most of my friends will start to wonder if I’ve had a sex change – because I actually loathe buying shoes. I can never find a pair I like in my size that won’t give me blisters, vertigo or cramp in the ankle. So I find the style I like (DMs or brogues) and buy nothing else.

Although I have now been told that they do make DMs in red…

* In the end I went as the Wicked Witch of the West, which didn’t require me buying any shoes.


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