Corvin Castle


I wrote some time ago that in the event I were to win the lottery, I would be buying a Transylvanian castle. I’m delighted to advise that I’ve now found the perfect one (don’t have the money, but why let that get in the way of a good daydream?) and this is it – Castle Corvin.

Named after the Hungarian royal family, Corvinus, who built the castle (and were considered for a long time one of the best rulers Transylvania ever had) the castle was built out of the bedrock by Turkish prisoners, a feat that took fifteen years and numerous lives. Rumour also had it that the legendary Vlad the Impaler (the real life model for Dracula) spent seven years in the dungeons here, which drove him mad – although this is unlikely to be true, since he was more connected with Bran Castle, some distance away.

There is, however, one teeny snag to my cunning plan; Castle Corvin is, at the time of writing, currently a state owned museum open to the public on a daily basis, so unless I win enough money to make an offer the Romanian Government couldn’t possibly refuse, it’s unlikely I’d ever be allowed to live there. It’s also looking a bit run down – hardly surprising, given that it’s currently about five hundred years old, but I expect that the maintenance costs will be a bit on the eye watering side.

Perhaps I ought to keep looking. I’m told there’s a decent plot of land just outside Brasov going for six Euros an acre, so perhaps with the help of a few legendary Eastern European builders….


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