An Elegant Brooch


I have quite a substantial brooch collection; they’re a very out of fashion jewellery item (unless you’re royalty) which I rather like. They’re also extremely varied, which is another great selling point for me. My brooches are varied, but there’s no reason why one shouldn’t collect (for example) frog brooches, flower brooches or brooches from a specific period.

This is an Art Deco two tone gold and diamond brooch which I have to admit is rather stunning. It has very modern lines yet is still extremely wearable and I expect would be a distinct conversation starter. Does it remind anyone else of Klimt’s The Kiss? I would be delighted if I had something like this and I can see me getting a great deal of wear out of it.

This timelessness is what separates great jewellery from ordinary jewellery. It’s not always about the bling. That said, I don’t suppose anyone’s got a spare twenty thousand pounds so I can buy it, have they?


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