Memories of Christmas


We had one of these when I was little. It was about six inches tall and made from brass and my job was to assemble it so that the candles could be lit (by a grown-up) so that the fan would spin round. I would sit and watch it for ages. There was something captivating about the tinkling as the heat from the candles would make the cherubs move. I’ve no idea if they still make these, but if they do, I want one.

What is odd is that much as I love this decoration, as a general rule I dislike Christmas. I send and receive gifts (cards are often dispensed with on environmental grounds) but that’s it. I don’t have a tree and I don’t decorate the house. I certainly don’t do a Christmas dinner.

But this little ornament has brought back so many memories of sitting in candlelight watching it go round while my gran spent an age in the kitchen sorting out what was for dinner – almost certainly turkey with trimmings, they were traditionalists like that. I also remember that on Christmas morning, while the dinner was cooking, gran would treat herself to a gin and orange, and there would be white wine for the grown-ups at dinner. I even remember what the wine was called – Corrida. Bet you can’t get that nowadays either!

This is definitely a monument to a happier time. Is there an ornament that brings back Christmas memories for you?


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